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Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Filter

Worcester Bosch announced late 2019 that from 1st January 2020 they are offering a 12-year guarantee on the new 8000 lifestyle boilers, with a greenstar filter! A guarantee instead of a warranty is what sets Worcester apart from their competitors. So, what does this actually mean?

First, it’s important to note that you need to choose a local Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer to install their boiler along, with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar system filter, otherwise the guarantee may not apply to you. Worcester Bosch know that a reliable boiler is the key to a warm and comfortable home year after year, and their commitment to high levels of quality and reliability enables them to be confident in the guarantee they offer their customers.

Simply put, they stand by the guarantee that they offer and will always aim to do right by their customers in the event that something goes wrong.

There are a range of guarantees, warranties and forms of insurance that various companies will offer you for your boiler or wider heating system. Read on to understand the key difference between a guarantee and a warranty.

Firstly, a guarantee is usually free, whereas a warranty typically includes a premium for the cover, much like a form of insurance. A guarantee is legally binding and adds to your rights under consumer law, which is great. For example, a boiler must legally come with a minimum of 2 years cover, but at Worcester Bosch they offer 5 years as standard, and you can easily get up to a 10-year guarantee by choosing one of their Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers.

Other differences include the fact that warranties sometimes only cover certain parts of a product. If for example, you took out a warranty on a used car, you may find that some parts are not covered, such as the tyres or brake pads. Warranties also entitle manufacturers to charge for call outs, which can be an unexpected expense. Guarantees on the other hand typically cover the whole product, and at Worcester Bosch they won’t charge you for a guarantee call out visit by their engineers providing that your boiler is serviced annually!

To provide extra protection to homeowners Worcester Bosch also extend our boiler guarantees to cover any other Worcester Bosch products installed at the same time; for example if your installer registers a Worcester Bosch control or filter which was installed at the same time as your boiler, you will also receive up to a 10 year guarantee on these items, despite only normally having a 2 year guarantee on these if they were installed individually.

We regularly install Worcester boilers so give us a call or message to get yours installed now!

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