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Worcester Boilers V. Other Brands

We’re huge Worcester Bosch fans! As Accredited Installers we install and maintain a lot of this brand of boiler, but we genuinely do believe they’re the best. And here’s why…

Typically, Worcester Bosch boilers last a lot longer than other boiler brands. Some last up to 18-20 years, with some lasting even longer. Other brands such as Baxi or Ideal tend to last around 10-14 years, with other brands like Vokeras managing maybe 7-12 years.

So, why do they last longer? Simply put, they tend to be much more reliable!

What makes Worcester Bosch boilers so reliable?

Worcester Bosch are a premium brand, made with premium parts. This is obvious based on how quiet they are. Along with Valliant, they are one of the quietest boilers available to buy. Other brands such as Vokera, Baxi, and Ideal, seem to be a lot louder. Noise level is undeniably important when looking to purchase a boiler – no one looks forward to disturbed sleep unsurprisingly.

Secondly, Worcester Bosch’s quality control is the best you can get. We covered this in an earlier blog, but it can’t be stressed enough. For example, every so often they’ll actually take a boiler off the production line to be checked. They will test is thoroughly to ensure all the components are right. They are also often double tested before being put on sale, unlike other brands, so this is worth noting.

Unlike some other brands, it’s clear that Worcester Bosch care an awful lot about their products. They always recommend fitting their own brand magnetic central heating filter, which has been re-designed to be even more efficient, to ensure their customers are getting the best that’s available.

Worcester Bosch also care about their customers. They advise you use a corrosion inhibitor to ensure your boiler lasts the distance. They are well aware, like many other boiler manufacturers, of the fact that their boilers are more likely to continue operating faultlessly for longer, if the system is clean and the circulating system water is inhibited to protect the system metals and guard against the formation of limescale. An untreated system can suffer very quickly, sometimes within a few weeks, from internal corrosion leading to a build-up of limescale! This can quite easily cause a total system failure.

Finally, and arguably most important, is that they have an accreditation programme for all their engineers. This means that anyone who intends to become Worcester Bosch accredited has been put through serious training on all areas of Worcester Bosch boilers, from how to commission them, how to flush the system, and how to correctly install a filter, all of which adds to the life of the boiler.

So, in summary, there are a few different factors that make Worcester Bosch boilers last longer than other brands. These include quality components, own-brand magnetic central heating filers, corrosion inhibitors, and accredited engineers.

Please remember to always ensure that your boiler gets serviced every year, by an accredited engineer, like us! If you would like to learn more, please do get in touch.

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