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What is a Gas Compliance Certificate?

Gas Compliance Certificate Explained

So what is a gas compliance certificate?

A gas compliance certificate is an extremely important document you will receive whenever gas is installed on your property or premises.

Gas compliance certificates can and will only be supplied by a certified gas fitter upon completion of any gas installation, amendment, modification or extension to an existing gas service or upon a new gas installation.


Gas Compliance Certificate vs. Gas Inspection Certificate

It’s important to understand the difference between a gas compliance certificate and a gas inspection certificate.

If your property is connected to a mains natural gas supply your gas fitter will provide a certificate of compliance when work is done on a gas installation in your home or premises.

If your property uses gas bottles which are refilled on site or exchanged, a certificate of inspection will be issued by your gas fitter when work is carried out on gas installations.

In essence, a gas compliance certificate is a document that states compliance with standards and regulations issued by the government. The certificate notifies gas suppliers that the installation on your home or premises is safe to supply to and has been tested for faults or defects.

It’s also important to remember that a gas compliance certificate is only issued by a licensed gas fitter who performs the installation or extension. If you don’t have the correct compliance certificate you won’t be able to get gas supplied to your property.

what is a gas compliance certificate

Why do you need a gas compliance certificate?

Per government regulations, you will not be supplied gas without a gas compliance certificate. The certificate lets suppliers know that your installation is safe to supply, so before any gas can be connected, suppliers will need to be sent or shown a copy of your compliance certificate.

Most homes use gas to power appliances, so if you’re looking to install heating, a washing machine, a dryer, or lighting fixtures you’re going to want a source of gas in your home, and to be supplied with gas…you need a gas compliance certificate!

A gas compliance certificate also offers you protection

By providing your gas supplier with your compliance certificate, they will be able to pass this on to your insurance company in case of unforeseen circumstances. It is therefore helpful to ensure they have a copy of your certificate.

A gas compliance certificate also provides you with reassurance – if there are any problems due to faulty workmanship, the gas fitter who supplied the certificate is responsible for fixing the problem.


Want to discuss your gas compliance certificate?

It’s recommended you have your gas installation checked and leak tested every 3 to 5 years. If you have any questions about gas compliance certificates, please contact us. We’re fully qualified, licensed and happy to help!

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