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What Boiler Do I Need?

When it comes to boilers, it can be difficult to understand what type and size boiler you need in order to heat all of your house, especially if the house is bigger than the average. In this article, we will discuss the capacity of each boiler and how to determine which boiler is right for you and your home.

Combi Boiler

Combi Boilers are perfect for any home that has up to 4 bedrooms and one bathroom. If you’d like a quote for a boiler installation, get in touch with us.

System Boiler

If you have more than two bathrooms and up to 5-6 bedrooms, then you will need a system boiler.  For high pressure systems, it is less risky to put a system boiler in, especially in a new house where there is extremely likely to be new pipe work. So, if you have a newer home, a system boiler will be perfect for you.

Low Pressure Regular Boiler

Similarly, if you have 5-6 bedrooms and more than 2 bathrooms, you will need a bigger boiler; however, you may need a low pressure regular boiler if you have an older house as there is more than likely to be older pipe work, meaning it needs a lower pressure system.

Commercial Boiler

If you have a house larger than 6 bedrooms and have a lot of bathrooms, you will need a commercial boiler, in order to keep every room heated efficiently.

If you’re still unsure what boiler you need, contact us here to get the information and advice you need.

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