Utilising Space in a Small Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom, space is precious. You don’t want to add bulky furniture or anything that will make the space feel claustrophobic. Here are some things you can do that will utilise the space you have, while not taking up too much room.

1. Use a mounted towel rack

Using vertical space will help clear out bathroom cabinets. You can use a rack or wall-mounted storage to store extra towels.

2. Hang basket shelves

For an inexpensive storage solution, you can mount a set of baskets vertically on a bathroom wall. To install these basket shelves stick a couple of nails or screws through the basket and hammer into the wall. Depending on the wall you have, you may require wall plugs.

3. Use adhesive hooks

Make use of the space behind the door with adhesive hooks. You can hang hair tools such as hair dryers on them or add a basket and store products.

Overall, there are many ways to utilise space in the bathroom. Whether things are repurposed or bought especially for this room, experiment with what you have and adjust where needed in order to maximise on the space and storage you require.


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