Smart Thermostats

We have outlined some of the features of a Smart Thermostats below. Check them out if you’re thinking of using smart technology!

Remote Access

The first obvious benefit is that you can access your smart thermostat’s settings from anywhere and adjust as need be. So, if you forget to switch your heating off before going away, it’s no problem!


Geofencing allows your thermostat to use your smartphone to track your location and adjust the temperature of your home accordingly if you are away. This will save you money if you forget to switch your heating off when you go out and saves you manually upping it when you return.

Zonal Heating

If you live in a larger property and there are rooms you don’t usually frequent or there are areas that keep warmer or colder than the others, zonal heating will help you achieve the right temperature in each room.

Smart Home Integration

Most smart thermostats can now be connected to Alexa, Google or Cortana and managed by your voice command.


Being smart, your thermostat will look for patterns in your settings and adapt to your needs and temperature requirements.

Simple Installation

Many of the smart thermostats on the market offer a simple installation you can do yourself. Check if your thermostat requires a common wire or a C-wire and if in doubt, call professional heating specialists to help with the fitting.

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