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Simple Steps To Protect Your Home Against Frozen Pipework

It’s definitely getting colder and the true winter months are approaching fast. This could lead to a number of troubles for most households and with the costs of living increasing saving money where you can is essential. Frozen pipes can leave you without running water, or worse they lead to the risk of bursting and flooding your home. This means that it’s worth taking some simple steps to prevent your pipes from freezing, which could save you money and time in the long-term.

1. Insulate your pipes and water tanks

One simple way to avoid frozen pipe works is to wrap pipes with pipe sponge covers. Insulate any water tanks, especially in colder places like the loft where heat escapes quickly and heating isn’t accessible. These are available to purchase from most hardware stores or online.

2. Leave your heating on

This one is an obvious way to prevent it but it can be the more expensive route. By setting your thermostat between 12C and 15C so even when you’re out the property is a suitable temperature. The air inside will be warm to help stop internal pipes from freezing.

3. Open cabinet doors and loft hatches

It may be an odd tip but it could make a big difference to your pipework. This step allows warm air to circulate around pipes, under sinks or in the loft constantly. This is especially helpful when some areas, like the loft, don’t get much access to warmth in the first place.

4. Keep your taps running

Just like humans, the easiest way to keep warm is to keep moving! This applies to water as well since it’s harder for water to freeze if it’s running, so turn your taps on and off regularly. Another way is to let your taps trickle so water is always passing. If you’re on a water meter, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your usage if you decide to do this.

5. Drain your water system

If you know you’ll be away in colder weather, think about draining the water from your system completely. If there’s no water there then it can’t freeze your pipework. If you don’t know how to or if you shouldn’t be afraid to ask us!

If you have any concerns or find any problems with your plumbing or heating, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help you!


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