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Signs you May Need a New Boiler

Sometimes you will experience issues with your boiler…don’t panic! This is perfectly normal, however if you are regularly spending money on your boiler, it may be time to consider a new one? We will go over 5 indicators that you may need a new heating system below.

1. Your Boiler is ‘Old’

In boiler terms, ‘old’ is if you’ve had your boiler for approximately 10 years or longer. After this amount of time, even the best boilers are likely to experience issues which will need repairing. It’s also important to recognise that technology is always advancing, so more modern boilers will be available.

2. Your Boiler is Noisy

Don’t just ‘get used’ to boilers that make an awful lot of noise. Boilers are not always silent, but it is quite obvious if your boiler is working harder than it had to previously. If you ignore these loud noises, it could lead to irreparable damage! Get a new boiler and get a good night’s sleep!

3. You Can’t Easily find Replacement Parts

If you are struggling to find replacement parts for your current boiler, this is an indication that your boiler is probably out-dated. There are a lot of older boilers which you just can’t find parts for anymore – this is really important as you need to be able to source the correct parts when needed.

4. Your Bills are Creeping Up

If you’ve noticed a dramatic rise in your energy bills, your old boiler could be one of the main reasons. Old boilers are typically inefficient and not very eco-friendly. Newer boilers have new technology, including smart controls for example, which can really help in lowering your energy bills.

5. Your Boiler needs Regular Repairs

If your boiler regularly needs attention, you are most probably in need of a replacement. Not only do regular repairs often cost a lot but they also cost your time and attention. A new boiler may simply be the cheaper choice in the long run and offer you peace of mind about your central heating system.

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