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Water Softeners

October 2nd, 2020

Water Softener Installation

Another service we offer is the installation of water softeners. Below is an example of a recent installation we made in an industrial company in Ringwood.

Max Shutler-Water Softener Installation 1Max Shutler-Water Softener Installation 2


What is commercially softened water?

Commercial Water Softening Process:
Sodium ions already present in the water being softened pass through the process unchanged. Once the water softener resin bed is filled with undesirable ions, a regeneration process takes place that flushes out the resin bed.

The benefits of a water softener​​ system

Save money with softened water

  • Your heating system works more efficiently
  • You reduce your cleaning bills by over half
  • Your appliances will last longer

Feel great with softened water

  • You have a lot less cleaning to do
  • Your hair and skin feels great
  • You get nice bubbly baths and showers


A water softener unit is usually fitted under the kitchen sink, our installation experts will recommend a convenient solution for you and your home. Other common locations include:

  • the garage
  • the loft
  • on an outside wall
  • utility room

For more information about the water softener options available or to request a quote, give us a call on 07545 198220.

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