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Prevent your Boiler from Breaking Down

Here’s some great tips to ensure your boiler lasts as long as it can…

A Power Flush does a World of Good

As time goes by, sludge builds up in your boiler’s system which naturally affects its efficiency. You can have it deep cleaned by a professional with Powerflush. This will clear all the muck and debris from the pipes and radiators so you get maximum heat at a lower cost. It also helps extend the life of your boiler.

Switch the Boiler off and the Savings on

Once the weather has warmed up, you can turn your boiler off. If you have a combi-boiler, you simply need to switch it to hot water only. But to prevent problems when winter returns, it’s a good idea to switch your boiler on once a month for 15 minutes during the summer.

Lag your Pipes

Prevention is better than cure, so the best time for pipe lagging is before winter sets in. If you’ve got visions of being on your knees with yards of material, don’t worry. Most DIY shops sell ready-made pipe lagging that slip over your pipes in minutes and cost around £1 a metre.

At your service

Boilers, like people, like to be looked after. Give yours a regular service and in return it will last longer and work more efficiently, saving you money and worry. It’s vital that you always use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer (like us!) who will not only check the basic safety of your boiler but will also carry out performance tests and repair anything
that needs fixing.

To book your boiler in for it’s service contact us now!

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