Planning Your New Bathroom

So, you’re thinking of having a new bathroom installed? Before you go any further, it’s worth considering the below points to ensure you’re getting everything out of it that you would like. There’s nothing worse than regretting your decision halfway through or not liking the finished install! Make sure you check off the points of consideration below before you start…

1. What do you want from your new bathroom?

It’s worth really considering what you want out of your new bathroom. Are you looking for better use of your space, or just a revamp and overhaul? As simple as it sounds, it’s important to think of who will be using the bathroom. Do you have a large family with different requirements? Think about your daily habits and this will help you with planning the perfect bathroom!

2. What might affect the price of your new bathroom?

This is where you really need to consider the layout of your bathroom, and factor it into your budget. If you’re simply replacing the suite for a new one and your fixtures will be in the same position, then your costs will be lower. Having said that, increasing your spend by around 10% will result in a far better bathroom as a result! If you’re planning a complete overhaul, your budget will need to be significantly larger. It’s good to move your suite around to better suit your space but beware of the extra cost impact this will have. Before you know it, you’ll be re-plastering sections that need to be tiled and tunnelling out walls and floors, so please bear this in mind!

3. How long will it take for your bathroom to be complete?

On average a full bath or shower room renovation takes up to one and half to two weeks (or longer for major overhauls), however it’s very difficult to give a solid time scale, as it will depend on the size of your bathroom. Generally, larger bathrooms take longer, but if it’s a large bathroom with a small upgrade, then this may well be complete a lot more quickly than a smaller bathroom with a complete overhaul.

4. Consider your drainage

This is one that can be easily forgotten and left out of your plans! Understanding your drainage and what you can and can’t do will impact on your design. You should work from the ground up with your design if you’re planning on a big change. Knowing how your drainage is laid out can restrict you or open up new avenues.

5. Consider building regulations

Most additions or renovations to your home will be affected by building regulations. You don’t want to find that you’ve not conformed to a regulation when you’re too far down the line to change it easily. It’s not often a big factor but you should cover your back and be careful to stay legal all the same.

If you’d like to discuss your bathroom needs further, or are interested in a quote, please do get in touch – we’d be happy to help!

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