Keeping Warm This Winter Without Heating

Many of us are incredibly anxious about the rise in energy costs from next month, despite the intervention of the government in recent weeks. With that said, there are plenty of ways we can keep warm without always having to put the heating on and help save the pennies. Here are our top tips…

So, how do you stay warm with no heating?

1. Use microwaveable warmers

Hugging a microwavable body warmer is an inexpensive way to keep warm when working at a desk, sitting on the couch, or snuggling in bed at night.

Remove the wheat bag from the cover and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Let it cool for 30 seconds before opening the microwave and replacing the cover for safety. Pop it under the covers for 15 minutes before climbing into bed. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to microwaveable warmers.

2. Cover up with blankets

It’s crucial to cover up with warm duvets and layers of insulating blankets at night to avoid a high energy bill. A soft, luxurious throw blanket is the ideal addition to your bedroom. You can throw it over your winter duvet for extra warmth. Layering blankets creates a barrier between you and the environment, helping you hang onto body heat.

3. Keep your feet warm

When the temperature drops, heat is directed to your vital organs and away from your extremities, creating cold hands and feet!

Warming your feet improves your circulation and supports thermoregulation. Studies also show having warm feet helps you relax and sleep well.

4. Make your home cosy

Cold, dark winter days can make your home feel less homely!

You can make your home cosy by using rugs on tiled or wooden flooring to bring warmth and avoid cold feet. Keep plenty of throw blankets on chairs and couches in your living area so you can cover up and add colour to your home on dreary days.

Tip: Check your doors and windows for drafts that may be sucking the warmth and moisture from the air. A rolled-up throw blanket under the door can help to block drafts without making the room too stuffy.

5. Wear a neck warmer

Having a chilly neck makes you tense, cold, and unable to think of much else. It could also contribute to neck stiffness.

Try buying a microwavable neck warmer that moulds to your neck like a scarf, keeping you snug and easing tension.

6. Humidify the air with an oil diffuser

Did you know that dry air feels colder?

The drier the air, the less heat it holds. Plus, dry air grabs moisture from you, which makes you feel cold and takes a toll on your sinuses and skin.

To remedy this, place portable ultrasonic essential oil diffusers around your home. They double as cost-effective humidifiers by adding moisture to the air in winter. Plus, a diffuser gives you the benefit of soothing essential oils.

7. Grab some rays

Whenever the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, you can use it to your advantage! Open your curtains wide to naturally heat your home. This is particularly effective in south-facing rooms.

The sun can also chase away the winter blues. Getting natural sunlight into your eyes is essential for health. It regulates your circadian rhythm to improve sleep and reduce feelings of lethargy.

8. Close the curtains promptly

When the sun starts to set and the afternoon chill sets in, close the curtains to trap some heat. You can also hang throw blankets over your curtains for extra insulation – especially if you have thin curtains.

9. Take advantage of heat from the kitchen and bathroom

Your motto during winter should be: No heat goes to waste.

After you have a hot bath or shower, leave the door open to let the excess heat and moisture move to the rest of the house. Do the same with the oven door after cooking. However, make sure the oven is off and keep your kids and pets well away.

10. Insulate your home

If you’re a homeowner, insulating your ceiling and installing double glazing is a good investment for the future. It might feel expensive initially, but it will save you on energy costs in the long term. Plus, insulation protects against the freezing winter weather and the summer heat.

Let us help you! If you need to give your home a quick energy saving MOT or require any services to help you stay warm this winter, get in touch today!

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