Steps on How to Measure for a New Toilet Seat

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Whether your toilet seat broke or you fancy a small change in your bathroom, finding the perfect size toilet seat can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. There’s nothing more annoying than ordering an item that isn’t a perfect fit so that is where step in to help. Follow these 3 simple steps to measure your toilet seat in a quick fashion and all you need for this is a tape measure.

Regardless of whether you have an elongated seat, a round-front seat, or even a D-shaped seat, the way to take a measurement is all the same. Think of it as one size fits all when it comes to toilet seat measuring.

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How to measure for a new toilet seat

  1. Find where the seat is bolted down and measure the distance between the two bolts. The standard measurement is 5-1/2 inches for most toilets.
  2. Next, measure the widest part of the seat. Make sure you’re measuring the outer edge to the outer edge and not just the inner circle section of the toilet.
  3. The last thing is to get the length. You need to measure between the bolts and the front outer edge of the seat. The standard measurement here is 16-1/2 inches for round front seats and 18-1/2 inches for elongated seats.

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