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How To Maintain Your Drains

When it comes to drains, it is important to maintain them so that there is less chance of blockage. In this article, we discuss 7 ways to prevent drain blockages and how to maintain them.


Rinse kitchen sink with hot water

Oil and fats from foods can build up in the drains. By running hot water down the drain, you break down these oils/fats and make your drain less clogged. It is a very simple yet effective method.


Flush drains with baking soda and white vinegar

A great substitute for a biological cleaner is baking soda and white vinegar. Simply pop the ingredients down the drain and allow 5 minutes for it to fizz. After that, pour hot water down the drain to clear everything away.


Be cautious with store-bought cleaners

Using store-bought cleaners can be really effective; however, most of them contain powerful ingredients which can be damaging to the human body, and some pipework, if used too often. Using too much can lead to lung and eye problems so be careful when using them and follow the instructions on the packaging.


Install strainers in sinks

An easy way to avoid clogging your shower drain is by installing a strainer. This will catch any loose hair. These can also be used in the kitchen sink to catch any little bits of food left on plates.


Pour fats into a separate container

A big cause of kitchen sink blockages is fat accumulation with plastics, food, and debris. Instead of pouring fatty substances down the drain, pour the fats into a separate container and dispose of them elsewhere.


Wash your pets outside

We all love our furry friends; however, they can cause some serious blockages when it comes to bath time. If you can, try washing your pet outside. That doesn’t mean you need to wash them with the hose in the cold months – you can still use warm water by putting it into a container to wash them outside. If you don’t have the availability to wash them outside, make sure to use the strainer that we talked about in the previous point.


Let the professionals do the hard work

If you suspect any serious blockages or are unsure of what to do, contact us today for the professional help and guidance you need.


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