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Heating Myths That Could Be Pushing Your Bills Up

1. Turn the heating up when it’s cold outside

You’d be surprised by the amount of people who believe that you should turn your heating up when it’s cold outside. The Energy Saving Trust survey found that over 50% of people that responded to their survey said they turned their thermostat up when it was cold weather outside. A home shouldn’t need this! Your thermostat is there to maintain an internal temperature, no matter the weather.

2. Turning the thermostat up heats up your room quicker

Are you someone who believes that your room will heat up quicker if you ramp the thermostat up several degrees? This is a myth, your house will warm to the temperature you set but it will NOT warm any quicker.

3. Keep your water heater on all day

Many people believe that they will run out of hot water if their don’t leave their water heater on all day. However, if your hot water tank is insulated properly, you should heat your water for half an hour in the morning and this should stay warm until midday. It might be a good idea to consider setting your water to come on for half an hour before you get up to shower!

4. You should leave the heating on low all the time

Do you leave your heating one low when you leave the house? Do you leave it running constantly? Many people believe that it’s more energy efficient to leave your heating on (at a low temperature) all the time. This is incorrect! It’s actually more efficient to turn it on and off. If you leave the heating on low all the time, it means that your home will be heated even when no-one is there to benefit and then your home is too cold when people are home!

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