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Facts about your Boiler

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding boilers and how they actually work. There are underfloor heating systems, radiators, and baseboard heaters so we understand why this can be confusing! In this post we will be looking at common, often unknown, facts about our heating systems – enjoy!

1. Most Modern Boilers don’t use Steam

In essence, most modern boilers don’t actually ‘boil’ water at all. Simply put, they heat it up to a specific temperature, much like a water heater. Often, water heaters can also act as boilers and vice versa. If you have old radiators, it’s more likely that you have a steam boiler that does actually boil the water for steam. Otherwise, a regular hot water boiler is what you likely have in your property.

2. Boilers don’t Waste Water

There is a common misconception that boilers are more wasteful that other heating system options because they use water. However, this is not the case. Boilers use a closed system that recycles heater water over and over again, so they’re not actually wasting any more water or energy that other heating systems. Often, they are actually a good economic choice, particularly if you choose a high efficiency boiler and installation service.

3. New Boilers are More Efficient

Unsurprisingly, modern boilers are much more efficient than older ones. This is mostly due to the advancement in technology allowing much more eco-friendly and efficient heating options. If you’ve had a bad experience with an unreliable and costly boiler, it can be easy to assume all boilers are a pain and that it might be better to look to other heating options, like a furnace for example. However, if you already have the setup for a natural gas boiler, replacing it with a new, modern model will likely beat all your other options – so don’t give up!

4. Your Boiler needs Regular Servicing

You should never neglect servicing your boiler, even if it seems that everything is just fine. It’s really important to get a professional to double check it all for you. Boilers need regular maintenance in order to prevent breakdowns and check for possible safety issues. It’s also likely that your boiler will last a lot longer than systems that are not regularly serviced. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance with a qualified heating technician once a year so that you can find out whether your boiler needs repair (before it suddenly breaks down on you). And if the boiler may need replacement soon, we can discuss your options with you, so that you feel prepared to make a final decision.


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