Disposing Grease Safely

When you cook with oil, grease, and fats, it can be tempting to just rinse your pan in the sink or pour them down the drain to dispose of. Most people regularly wash away or throw away any grease that has remained without thinking. In fact, one of the most common causes of plumbing issues is incorrectly clearing away grease.

​​Here are a few safe methods for how to dispose of grease properly…

1. Let It Dry Completely

Allow the grease to solidify first to protect yourself from accidental burns, by letting it cool off and dry out in the air. Allowing the grease to solidify will make it easier to scrape it off of pans and collect it during cleanup.

2. Scrape the Grease Into a Separate Container

Once the grease has dried and is safe to handle, you can scoop or wipe it out with a plastic spatula or a cloth rag. If you regularly keep a disposable container to collect your leftover grease, you can scrape all of the dried grease and fat into it until you’re ready to empty it into the trash. When you’re ready to throw away the container, make sure you place it in a plastic bag to prevent any spillages or leaks from the container in the trash.

3. Throw It in the Garbage

Another possible method you can try is pouring the liquid grease from the pan into an aluminium foil-covered bowl and refrigerating it for several hours. Once the grease has solidified in the refrigerator, you can take out the foil from the bowl or jar, wrap the grease and throw it away securely. Remember not to compost your grease when you dispose of it as the smell can attract animals, and never dump your grease outside as it can still find its way into the sewer system as runoff.

4. Wipe Down All of the Pans

If you can avoid it, don’t run water over greasy pans or dishes. After you’ve disposed of the majority of the dried grease, always use a paper towel or plastic scraper to wipe down all of the pots, pans and dishes that came into contact with the oil before washing them in the sink.

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