Disadvantages Of Smart Meters

With smart meters becoming more popular across the UK, energy suppliers are emphasising how a new meter can help with accurate bills. Whilst smart meters are useful in keeping track of your energy usage, we think that it’s worth being aware of some of the most important disadvantages you may experience if you’re considering installing a smart meter or being aware if you have one.

Poor signal prevents the smart meter from working

Most meters use mobile networks to send and receive data at all times instead of WIFI or an internet connection. This means that if you are located in a rural or secluded area with a weak, patchy signal your smart meter will be heavily affected and will struggle to work.

Smart meter stops sending readings

Leading from the last point, smart meters rely on mobile signals so when connectivity is unstable problems can occur. The smart meter could stop retrieving and sending data so inaccurate or delayed energy bills could happen. This is a reminder to monitor your meter and double-check your bills when they arrive to avoid confusion.

Hard to understand

Meter monitors can be quite off-putting and confusing at first glance making it hard to understand how to read them. Energy terms can be difficult to comprehend especially for new or elderly customers. There are some smart meters that use a colour display for easy energy usage indication. However, most of the time basic knowledge of how energy is measured is required.

There’s no guarantee you’ll save money

It’s always a good idea to understand how much energy you’re using and a smart meter helps to do that. Anyhow, energy suppliers tend to save their best deals for new customers, which is why it makes sense to switch energy suppliers regularly. A smart meter will only help you save money if you use it to monitor your energy use and make a positive decision to cut back.

Excessive monitoring

Obsessively checking the display to see how much you’re spending could lead to an unhealthy relationship with using energy. It’s impossible to cut out your energy use completely, and it could cause problems if you get worried every time someone switches on a light or boils the kettle. This could be easily avoided by putting it somewhere out of sight and checking it when needed.

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