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7 Tools That Should Be In Every Home

Owning a home means having to face inevitable plumbing problems! However, it’s important to be prepared for any minor plumbing problem that can be fixed easily. This will help you save money and time waiting for a plumber to be available. Here are 7 tools you must have around the house…

1. Plunger

It might be the most obvious one, but a plunger is an essential plumbing tool for every homeowner and is frequently forgotten about till you actually need to use it. Plungers are helpful when you have a clogged toilet, but it has many uses, such as it can be used for a clogged shower drain. A plunger is an inexpensive tool that will help you get out of some minor plumbing problems with no plumber bills to pay.

2. Drain Snake

Does your sink or shower struggle to drain properly occasionally? The solution could be just a simple drain snake away. A drain snake, or plumber’s snake, is a flexible auger used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. A drain snake is a simple but effective plumbing tool that will allow you to clear debris like hair and product buildup without damaging your pipes.

3. Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches are an essential tool in any home toolkit. There are two types of wrenches that are particularly helpful when it comes to dealing with common plumbing.

  • Pipe Wrench: A pipe wrench is a heavy-duty wrench that is good for gripping and turning pipes. Its adjustable jaws make it easy to use by gripping one way and sliding in the other.
  • Basin Wrench: A basin wrench is a wrench with a long handle and jaws at the end. It’s used to tighten and or remove the faucet and fill valve lock nuts. It can be very useful in a plumbing pinch!

4. Heavy-Duty Rubber Gloves

When dealing with pipes and plumbing, rubber gloves can be an overlooked essential tool. Keep your hands, wrists, and forearms clean and protected from sharp objects by wearing rubber gloves when dealing with household plumbing issues.

5. Slip-Joint Pliers

Lost something down the kitchen sink drain? Slip-joint pliers can be the solution. Slip-joint pliers are useful tools for both bending and gripping in tight plumbing situations. With two sets of teeth, slip-joint pliers are a versatile tool to keep on hand. They have the ability to grip small objects like nails or grab bulkier objects like bolts.

6. Thread Seal Tape

Thread seal tape is good for sealing pipe threads and other plumbing leak necessities. If you have a leaky pipe, consider using thread seal tape to temporarily fix the leak to avoid further water damage. In some cases, thread seal tape can be used to solve the issue. Household leaks can not only cause damage and increase utility bills but also leads to water waste. The average family wastes 180 gallons per week from household leaks according to the EPA. Consider the thread seal tape in your plumbing toolbox a way to combat this problem.

7. Tape Measure

The last plumbing toolkit essential is a basic tape measure. When dealing with plumbing you’ll often need to take exact measurements to ensure correct repairs in tight spaces. A tape measure will help you avoid costly mistakes due to incorrect length or distance in your home repair.


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