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5 Ways To Keep Your Commercial Premises Warm

With the temperature decreasing the further we get into winter, the demand for heating increases. Commercial buildings demand a lot of attention, and it escalates during the cold weather. Snow, ice, strong wind, and other winter elements cause additional problems to your premises.


Here are 5 tips for keeping your commercial business premises warm


1) Building insulation

The simplest way to ensure you do not lose heat is by making sure your windows and doors are kept closed. They provide an outlet for warm air to escape and an inlet for cold or humid air. Ensure you seal the gaps between doors, windows and exterior walls via the use of caulking, draft excluders or other methods. It is necessary to insulate your pipes to prevent freezing. For more information, check out our article on how to prevent freezing pipes here.


2) Use a humidifier

A room is warmer when the air is humid. A humidifier raises the humidity levels in a room thereby increasing the temperatures. They are affordable and will ensure you do not have to raise your thermostat high. Therefore, it will save you some money on your heating bill.


3) Upgrade roof insulation

Even with one of our efficient heating systems, without proper roof insulation, the interior space remains cold. Heat frequently escapes through the roof and the room fails to reach a comfortable temperature on the thermostat. Poor roof insulation can leave you with huge heating bills. Ensuring adequate roof insulation during the cold season is an essential.


4) Turn on the fan

Run your fan low and in a clockwise direction to allow re circulation of warm air after it rises. The ceiling fans will push the warm air down to the floor hence keeping the room comfortably warm during the winter.


5) Check your heating system

Poor maintenance of the heating system causes inefficiency and high energy consumption. The result is high energy bills and poorly heated rooms. Inspecting the heating system can save you a lot of money in repairs. Make sure your heating system is working efficiently by contacting us and arranging a service. With many years of experience and multiple qualifications, we are fit for examining and/or upgrading your current heating system. Every business ought to take steps to prevent risks unique to the winter season. Strive to keep commercial buildings warm without ramping up the heating bill.


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If you are worried that your boiler isn’t performing as efficiently as it could be and is costing you money, OR if you think it should be replaced, do get in touch with us. We provide commercial boiler replacement and installation services throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

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