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5 Signs That You May Need a New Boiler

It can be daunting when it comes to figuring out if you need a new boiler or not. To help you determine this, we’ve outlined below 5 signs that you may need a new boiler.


1. Your boiler is old or outdated

Because technology is always advancing, boilers 10 years old or over are considered outdated and old. Old boilers can be very temperamental and harder to maintain. If your boiler is getting old and having issues, it may be time to consider getting a new one.

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2. Your boiler is making strange noises

While some boilers aren’t super quiet, hearing unusual noises from your boiler can indicate that it isn’t running so well. Unusual noises could mean that your boiler is on its way out and that you may need a new one soon.


3. You can’t easily find replacement parts

If you’re struggling to find parts for your boiler, it usually means that your boiler is outdated/old. This can lead to further issues as it means you will struggle to fix your boiler. This can be infuriating and may result in you needing a new boiler.


4. Your bills are creeping up

If your bills have or are significantly rising in price, it is probably because your boiler isn’t running efficiently. There can be numerous reasons why your boiler doesn’t run efficiently; however the most common include your boiler being outdated and/or broken. Instead of trying to fix numerous issues that could potentially be never-ending, it is suggested that you replace your boiler with a new one in order to save time.


5. Your boiler requires regular repairs

If your boiler needs regular repairs, it is a very strong sign that your boiler needs replacing. If left untreated, your boiler may worsen, resulting in more issues further down the line. Unless you’re accepting of the fact you may have to pay for frequent repairs, it is highly suggested that you get a new boiler installed.


If you think that your boiler needs replacing or are in need of a new boiler, contact us today by visiting our contact page.

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